Dr Stéfan Bester’s


Your smile is your confidence and affects your self-image. This can play a huge role in the quality of your interactions with people who are around you. A lot of people tend to hold back from smiling, laughing and talking when they are uncomfortable with their smile.

As a prosthodontist, Dr Stéfan Bester is highly experienced in treating ailing, failing and cosmetically compromised dentitions by providing the highest level of functional and aesthetic reconstructive dentistry. He can help treat your dental condition and give you a smile you deserve.

An extensive aesthetic smile analysis forms part of all partial and full occlusal reconstructions. This analysis is usually performed during the comprehensive examination.

A smile analysis includes the following:

  • A complete oral examination
  • Setting goals to achieve a new dazzling smile
  • Agreeing on the which dental options to perform
  • Planning the smile makeover Digital smile design is an integral part of the process and used as a valuable communication tool with the patient to provide the desired aesthetic outcome.

Dr Bester conducts a smile analysis to help him determine the best treatment plan suitable for you to create your most attractive smile. He will analyze the position, contour, shape, colour and translucency of your teeth as well as how much do your teeth and gums show when you are smiling. Your teeth in relation to your face's shape and size, as well as your skin colour, will also be evaluated. During your consultation and treatment planning, Dr Bester will help you determine your preferences and the image you would like to have to accommodate and enhance your new, unique and beautiful smile.

Visit Dr Bester for a smile makeover which will suit your desires and personality in a functional, natural-looking and lasting way. Whatever and however you wish to improve your smile, Dr Bester is available to help you achieve it to boost your confidence and self-esteem.