Dr Stéfan Bester’s


The comprehensive examination will include a complete examination of the condition of the following:

  • Teeth: This is done to assess if there is any decay present in the teeth or any problems regarding existing fillings, crowns and root canal problems.
  • Temporo-mandibular jaw joints and associated jaw muscles: A comprehensive examination is done to examine the relationship between the maximum bite closure position and the ideal jaw joint position and if you experience any pain when you close or open your mouth. The jaw joint will be thoroughly evaluated for possible wear. The relationship between the jaw joints and the associated jaw muscles and teeth will be evaluated in detail to assess if there is adequate protection between the jaw joint, teeth groups and jaw muscles. Occlusal interferences and how to eliminate them will be taken into consideration when Dr Bester plan a dental reconstruction to protect the jaw joint components and jaw joint articulation disc.
  • Aesthetics: The teeth's colour, shape, size and proportion as well as how the teeth appear in relation to the gums, lip, mouth, side profile and face, will also be evaluated as they are also important factors in a full mouth reconstruction. Digital smile design (DSD) is part of the evaluation.

The comprehensive exam process includes the evaluation of a full set of intra-oral radiographs and impressions of the upper and lower teeth. The occlusal analysis will consist of a digital T-scan occlusal analysis and an analysis of articulated models on semi-adjustable articulators to assess the relationship between teeth, muscles and jaw joints. This evaluation is very important because wear at tooth level as well as on jaw joint level might be as a result of misalignment between teeth, joint and muscle components. A full set of clinical photographs will assist in the aesthetic /smile analysis for the smile design if the treatment includes the front teeth.

After Dr Bester has obtained all the information required, depending on the condition of the teeth, he will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to correct the problem and complete the reconstruction required.