About the Practice


Dr Stéfan Bester is a Prosthodontist based in Gauteng who specializes in reconstructing problematic situations with teeth and jaw joins. These problematic situations can include painful, decayed or absent teeth or problems with the alignment between teeth and jaw joints, which can result in painful teeth, jaw joints, jaw muscles and headaches. The reconstructions can include tooth reconstructions by means of crowns, bridges and dentures. The reconstruction can be supported by means of implants (in the case of absent teeth) and include damaged natural teeth. Dental reconstructions can vary from a single tooth up to all the teeth depending on the situation. The aim of prosthodontic reconstructions is to provide improved aesthetics solutions (smile design and lip support) and function (speaking, smiling and eating with comfort).

Prosthodontics is one of six dental specialities recognized by the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Prosthodontists help treat ailing, failing and cosmetically compromised dentitions in order to provide the highest level of functional and aesthetic reconstructive dentistry. Reconstructive prosthodontic treatment involves crowning / veneering of teeth as well as replacing teeth with bridges and implant-supported crowns and bridges and dentures.

A prosthodontist is extensively trained in the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment planning as well as reconstruction in the field of complex dental problems. Even though a prosthodontist can function alone in less complex cases, they usually network in a multi-disciplinary team of dental specialists (periodontists, orthodontists and maxillo-facial and oral surgeons).

Other health care professionals, like highly skilled dental technicians, also form part of the team to obtain the ideal dental treatment outcome.

A prosthodontist has experience in diagnosing dental problems by means of a comprehensive dental examination, radiographs, scans (if indicated) and photographs in order to draw up possible dental treatment plans which will also be discussed with the patient. Prosthodontists are trained to visualize the precise final outcome of the dental treatment and are seen as the dental "architect" in the team of specialists during the diagnostic phase of suitable treatment.

The prosthodontist will then oversee the whole treatment and include other specialist team members as indicated.

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